From the delicious Indian delicacies to falling relatively close to my birthday, Deepavali has always been a special time of the year to look forward to. The prelude to Deepavali usually comprises a lot of… you guessed it – shopping! Whether it is shopping for decorations for the home or for my ‘jippa‘ (traditional Indian menswear), I tend to shop early in  order to avoid the overwhelming crowds in Tekka Market at the last minute. I’m usually rather spoilt for choice as ‘jippas‘ are found there easily, in a wide variety of colours and designs.

No celebration is complete without food! As with any other festival, the Festival of Lights is also famous for its array of Indian cuisine. From the sweet dishes, such as ‘kesari‘ and ‘ladoo‘, to the fried savoury snacks, such as the ever famous ‘murukku‘, it is a rather sinful occasion during which an entire month’s worth of dieting can disappear in a matter of days!

Of course, with a little restraint (okay, maybe with A LOT of restraint), it is possible to enjoy the numerous snacks and dishes without being overwhelmed by a sense of guilt later. (oops!)

For me, the morning of Deepavali itself starts with an invigorating shower, the donning of new clothes, and heading over to both my grandmothers’ homes to meet them as well as my clan of cousins who are usually gathered there. It is always decided upon beforehand where lunch will be held, and so we head over there for a memorable family gathering, during which we exchange stories and be merry over amazing home-cooked food by my mother and other relatives. The evening and night of Deepavali day are usually spent visiting friends or cousins. If Deepavali happens to fall on a weekend that year, I make the most of it by staying overnight!

The vibrant colours of everyone’s traditional Indian wear, the mouth-watering spread of food, and most importantly, the chance to get together with all of my family members – that sums up my Deepavali! It is, and always will be, one of the special occasions I look forward to annually!

Have yourself a joyous Deepavali, everyone!

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