Grand festival of lights –
Sign of victory over darkness and night.
Happiness resonates from every being,
People young and old feast to their heart’s content.

A yearly reminder when good triumphed over evil,
When the light persevered against unfathomable darkness.
Appreciation shown to the Gods for all their blessings;
They touch our hearts and relieve all suffering.

May this Deepavali bring out the best in you,
Celebrate life, peace and harmony.
Let the light of the lamp show you the way,
And to the temptations of evil you will never sway.

Singaram Chandrasekar is a Management graduate from Murdoch University. He is also currently pursuing a Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling whilst working in the social services sector in the Education Division. He is an avid poet whose poems have covered themes such as identity, equality and hope.

Written by Singaram Chandrasekar

Management graduate who is currently pursuing a Masters in Knowledge Management. Avid poet who explores both the lighter and darker aspects of life.

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