What comes to mind when you hear the word “figurine”? For me, the word triggers an image of classic baseball bobbleheads, collectibles resembling characters from popular comic books and Hollywood films, especially animated ones. Simply put, where the realm of entertainment is concerned, I tend to associate collectible figurines with Western culture. Is there any other type of background with which we can relate film character figurines? Well, there is now.

Carbon Copy Collectibles, the pioneer in the market for collectibles inspired by popular Kollywood characters, has recently created a stir within the pool of local Indian movie buffs. Run by a modest team of five, the creative enterprise launched its first product late last year – a Manik Baasha figurine. The character played by Kollywood’s titan, Rajinikanth, is currently the sole product available for sale. But that’s set to change pretty soon – joining the figurine clan and gearing up to be put on sale in a matter of weeks is Sakthivel, Kamal Haasan’s (yet another Kollywood titan) character in the 1992 film ‘Devar Magan’.


Before I delve into my impression of the Manik Baasha figurine, let’s get this straight – as much as I admire the man for his astounding humility, I have never been Rajinikanth’s ardent fan. But, what’s not to love about Manik Baasha, right? The poise, the voice, the punchlines, and the style – they all came together to make this character an unforgettable one for many more generations to come. Having said that, Carbon Copy Collectibles has made no mistake in picking Manik Baasha for their maiden product to be modelled after.

The figurine comes neatly packaged in a sleek black box, and Manik Baasha is well cushioned by styrofoam all around. Much to my pleasant surprise, the figurine feels really sturdy in my palm. Trust me when I say that this Manik Baasha figurine is close to perfection. I am quite the sucker for details. Hence, I was delighted to find that Carbon Copy Collectibles have faithfully adhered to all the striking physical traits of this classic Kollywood character in the process of designing it.

From the signature trio of jet black locks on his forehead to the black and gold jacket he dons, the details on this product are impressive.


The figurine which is currently retailing at SGD $79.90, comes with a chocolate hued base on which you can mount Manik Baasha and let him stand steady in his trademark pose. I would have personally preferred the base to have been of a different colour, perhaps in a shade of gold that would mimic that present in Manik Baasha’s jacket. But that is a minor aspect which can afford to be overlooked since the rest of this figurine exceeded my (high) expectations. True blue fans of Manik Baasha and/or Rajinikanth will definitely find this figurine worth every penny they have paid once they have gotten their hands on it.

In case you are curious as to how the product is manufactured to look exactly like Manik Baasha on screen, it is all the result of a brilliant process known as “freeze frame technology”. I shall not speak too much about that as it does not fall under my domain of expertise, but you can check out the Facebook page of Carbon Copy Collectibles for a peek into the various processes of making the figurines! The business has definitely started off on the right foot by incorporating quality into every aspect of this Manik Baasha figurine, and I have no doubt that they will continue to do so with all future products. (the Devar Magan stills already look promising!)


Collectibles aren’t just mere keepsakes; they offer fans the opportunity to make an epic moment extracted from cinema their very own. I am sure everyone could use a little inspiration from a beloved on-screen character resting on their desk. Manik Baasha, with his left hand on his hip and his right index finger pointing skywards with grit, sure does give this editor a perk-up on a gloomy day.

In collaboration with Carbon Copy Collectibles, Chutney SG will be launching a contest on Monday, 7 March 2016! Take part and stand a chance to win yourself the Manik Baasha figurine! Watch the spaces on our contest page and Facebook page

All images are courtesy of Carbon Copy Collectibles.

Written by Uma Nathan

Full-time sub-editor. Part-time writer, copywriter, and editor all rolled into one. Photography, travel, food, reading and teaching take up whatever time remains.

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