25. Twenty-five. The big two-five. The quarter century. Alright, you get the picture. Turning 25 is a significant milestone in one’s young life. Much more significant than turning 21 for sure. Why? There are several reasons. Ten solid ones that come to mind currently, to be precise. Read on.

(1) It’s okay to say “No”.

In case it hasn’t dawned upon you yet, newsflash – you can’t please everyone. You aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. There is no point in going the extra mile to fulfill the undesirable expectations someone has of you at the expense of additional stress. It is perfectly acceptable for you to tell someone that you can’t help them or to turn down that invitation to a party you don’t really want to be at.

(2) Family comes first. 

You know how the saying goes – “Blood is thicker than water.” Perhaps not all the time for there are always exceptions in any case. But these are words that have stood the test of time for a reason. Also, when you are a quarter of a century old, being spotted at the mall with your parents isn’t such a nightmare as compared to when you were a teen. By 25, you should have realised all your folks have done for you and it’s time to pay them back.

(3) Finance management is important.

Having less than $20 in your bank account and being in a situation in which you can’t even withdraw cash from an ATM might have been something to laugh about when you were twenty. But not anymore. At 25, you should have had some form of working experience and gotten a taste of basic financial planning; putting aside some savings for your future. Fail to plan, and plan to fail.

(4) It’s alright to not have answers. 

Stumped by a question posed by someone? Beating yourself up for not knowing what to say? Stop. Humans weren’t created to be perfect. You cannot possibly know everything. Learn to accept that and life will be a whole lot easier. Perfect what you know in a field relevant to you and sit back to let others do the talking when it’s not your forte being discussed. Master the art of being a good listener.

(5) Travel the world while you can.

Wanderlust. Don’t we all suffer from it? With financial independence comes the ability to travel at your own expense. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? And let’s face it – you’re not getting any younger. (haa!) So, set aside some dough for travel, and start planning those Instagram worthy trips! A friend once told me, “Life should be about saving for your next trip.” Wise words to live by for any wannabe globetrotter.


(6) Some friendships are worth letting go.

Is a particular relationship draining you of your energy and possibly happiness? Let it go then. (cue that Frozen song) Your time is valuable, so stop spending it on people who can’t understand your evolving interests and priorities. Yes, it was all fun and games five years ago, perhaps, but things don’t always remain the way they are. Accept the fact that you have outgrown some of your friends. (and that’s not a bad thing)

(7) It’s okay to be single. 

People need to be reminded time and again that being single is NOT a flaw. It just means that you haven’t found the right person yet and have not decided to settle for just anyone. Good on you! In this context, you’re still young (really), so take your time and things will eventually fall into place. Friends your age getting married? Have a ball of a time at their weddings and be happy for them!

(8) Health matters. 

Unfortunately, your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. Exercise and a healthy diet will be your companions for a fit and fab you. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about ensuring that everything on the inside is functioning fine as well. Also, don’t ignore that ache in your knee or that headache that plagues you more than often – get it checked.

(9) Staying home on Saturday night is fine.

No, it’s not “uncool” and is totally acceptable to be home on a weekend night, curled up on your bed with a mug of tea and that novel you have been meaning to read. Put yourself and your needs ahead of others every now and then. At the end of a gruelling work week, it’s alright to stay home and recharge instead of hanging out with your friends at a bar.

(10) Place rationality before pride. 

Bruised ego? Learn to give rationality more importance and place your pride second, because the latter won’t be doing you any favours. (where applicable, of course) Whether at the workplace or at home, ingest relevant advice from the people who have provided you with opportunities and have taken a genuine interest in your well-being.

Written by Uma Nathan

Full-time sub-editor. Part-time writer, copywriter, and editor all rolled into one. Photography, travel, food, reading and teaching take up whatever time remains.

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