I’ll be honest. When I first heard that my family was going to Cape Town in South Africa, I brushed it off as “just another concrete jungle of a city in this world”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In my defence, I had not bothered to do any research about Cape Town prior to my trip since I was going with my family. I assumed that they would have settled everything.

My impression of Cape Town immediately changed the moment I got a glimpse of Table Mountains as our plane touched down at Cape Town International Airport. It was a truly amazing sight to behold. Cape Town is literally a city surrounded by mountains. The best description I can come up with of the city? A concrete jungle nestled within a parameter of scenic mountains. But enough about the concrete jungle.

The real beauty of this city lies outside its concrete walls. (as with all cities) Cape Point, located towards the southwest of Cape Town, was the first spot which caught my eye. It is the region at which the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. Just a stone’s throw away from Cape Point is the Cape of Good Hope. Geographically, this is the tip of the southwestern area of Africa.

In the words of our guide, “It is the end of all land as we know it.”

I have not gotten to what was the icing on the cake yet. As far as I’m concerned, the unparalleled location out of all the scenic spots in Cape Town has got to be the one in the feature image above. This is a lookout point along Chapman’s Peak Drive. It overlooks one of Cape Town’s many beaches flanked by mountains. (yes, expect to see a mountain in every direction when in Cape Town) I simply adored how the blue skies, the mountains, the beach and the ocean all complemented one another perfectly. Picture perfect, indeed!

Two days was definitely not enough for me to take in all the natural beauty that Cape Town had to offer. I am definitely going to head back one day, rent a car and drive around Cape Town on a mission uncover more hidden gems! If you ever intend to make the journey to Cape Town, be sure to secure a window seat on the flight and look out for the mountains! Trust me when I say that they are absolutely stunning!


The writer travelled to Cape Town in December last year while the city was experiencing mid-summer. The temperature ranged from 16 – 25 degrees celsius during the day.

Written by Michael Lashan

Full time engineer, Part time traveller :)

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