Searching in the wilderness,
Amongst thorns and creeping silence,
I find myself lost and dazed.
The night whispers in my ear,
of unfulfilled dreams and desires.
I find myself alone,
Praying that isolation doesn’t linger.

I have journeyed into the wastelands,
Too far to turn back and admit defeat.
Bound by the weight of self discovery,
I persevere, guided by determination.

I seek the truth of truths;
An answer to my place in this world.
Listening to the calls of my heart,
A mysterious force pushes me towards my goal,
Giving me strength when I fall,
Sheltering me when darkness calls.

Parts of my life I have lost;
Parts that defined my identity
And shaped my destiny.
I yearn to find the missing parts
On this journey of self-discovery.
I venture incomplete,
But I shall return whole.

Written by Singaram Chandrasekar

Management graduate who is currently pursuing a Masters in Knowledge Management. Avid poet who explores both the lighter and darker aspects of life.

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