It’s a wintry night.
The heavens are engulfed by a hue of white.
All life comes to a standstill.
A soldier takes the hand of his beloved.
Gazing deeply into her eyes, he feels solace.
Unwilling to part, he embraces her like it was his last,
For the battle awaits; his loyalty and skills put to task.

His last words to her before he proceeds to hell:
“I’ll think of you amidst the hell-fire of war,
Of the love we share and our journey thus far.
The enemy rages on to enslave and slaughter –
I shall fight them with all my might,
To purge darkness and bring forth light.”

Overwhelmed by sorrow and longing,
She weeps and feels a void like never before.
She bids farewell to her beloved.

Months pass. A knock on her door.
His brother in arms stands in silence with respect.
He has come to deliver the last letter from her beloved.
He tells her that he fought the war with fierce determination,
Braved the unfathomable and vile plots of the enemy –
He succumbed to a bullet in his heart.

I held his hands while his glow dimmed.
I saw pride in his eyes; he had died for his nation.
I felt his sorrow from not keeping his promise to you.
As I whispered a prayer to usher him past the gates of heaven,
He firmly grasped a picture of you.
The glow of his eyes faded. A gentle smile remained.
He fought for the freedom that is our land.
He knew he would meet you again one day,
To walk hand in hand in the promised land.

Written by Singaram Chandrasekar

Management graduate who is currently pursuing a Masters in Knowledge Management. Avid poet who explores both the lighter and darker aspects of life.

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