It’s Teacher’s Day tomorrow here in Singapore. We know some of you out there dig the thrill of shopping for gifts at the eleventh hour (as we dig the thrill of putting together gift guides at the last minute). So here are 14 economical gift ideas you can put together within a day. Pass it to your favourite teacher on Monday – because it’s the thought that counts, doesn’t it?

1. Jar of Chocolates in Yellow Wrappers


We absolutely love gifts in jars. Gift jars are the ultimate epitome of handmade presents as far as we are concerned. Also, what’s not to love about a jar? You can put in just about anything you desire. Or what the recipient desires, rather. Do the chocolates and candies definitely have to be in yellow wrappers? Well, if you want to use the “Brighten Up Your Day” pun on the gift tag, then yes, because… sun…yellow…brighten…get it?

If you are fine with the idea of a mainstream “Happy Teacher’s Day!” message on the tag, then knock yourself out with rainbow hued wrappers. But where on earth is the fun in dropping the pun? (pfft!)

2. DIY Smore Kit


Has your teacher ever mentioned that she likes smores? We don’t blame her – those sugar-laden treats are irresistible. Here’s the perfect gift for her then. Head to your nearest supermarket and buy a medium sized bag of marshmallows, a few bars of chocolate and graham crackers. Then purchase a small wooden crate like the one you see above at any Daiso outlet. Pack them all in, scribble on that punderful message and you are all set to be in her good books! (for the rest of the year at least)

3. Set of Sharpies


Which teacher wouldn’t love a spanking new set of Sharpies? They are great for marking their timetables, underlining important notes or just plain doodling. Purchase a set from Popular Bookstore or Art Friend, make your own gift tag to go along with it, and pen that punny message above to your favourite teacher. Do remember to mind your penmanship. And yes, it is mandatory for the word “SHARP” to be multicoloured.

4. Collection of Pink Items


This gift only works if you use the “I’m Tickled PINK That You’re My Teacher” message on the tag. Find a couple of pink items – they don’t have to be the same ones as above – and you are good to go. Pink candy, pink chocolates, strawberry flavoured Pocky, and even candy floss are good options if you are considering fattening up your teacher. But as far as we know, no teacher is going to say no to stress relieving sugary treats.

5. Starbucks Gift Card


They say dogs are man’s best friend and diamond’s are a girl’s best friend. What’s a teacher’s best friend? Why, caffeine of course! And maybe chocolates. But let’s focus on the caffeine here. Make a trip to the nearest Starbucks outlet and purchase a gift card loaded with an amount of your choice. While you are there, request for a transparent venti sized takeaway cup and ignore the strange look you might get from the barista. Remember to pick up a straw as well. Once you’re home, pop the card into the cup and complete the gift with some ribbon and a gift tag.

6. Jackpot of Chocolates


You might not be able to find the chocolates you see above at regular supermarkets in Singapore, so what do you make do with? Remember those gold chocolate coins we all used to love when we were back in kindergarten? Those will go along perfectly well with the “I Won The Jackpot” message you will be writing to accompany the chocolates. If you like, and have the time, you could get some of those chocolate bars wrapped in “currency notes” from Candy Empire.

7. Oven Mitt & Cookie/Cake Mix


We absolutely love the pun on this one. Also, it’s incredibly easy to put together. You will be able to find a package of Betty Crocker’s cake or cookie mix at just about any NTUC or Cold Storage outlet in Singapore. Oven mitts can also be found at these stores, but you could also try any specialty baking stores. Slip the packet of cake or cookie mix into the oven mitt, slap on the label, and it’s ready to be handed over to teacher dearest.

8. Notebook & Pen


Ah, the classic notebook and pen combination. Notebooks and pens are never wasted on teachers – they are sure to find some sort of use for them. Whether or not the purpose is imminent or ten years down the road is currently irrelevant. Where to shop for a swanky hardcover notebook? Moleskine, Kinokuniya, and kikki.K are great options. If you are on the prowl for something slightly more affordable, there’s always good ol’ Popular Bookstore.

9. Wrigley’s EXTRA Mints


Okay, so there’s no chewing gum available in Singapore (bummer!), but you can always go for Wrigley’s EXTRA mints. They come in three different flavours: spearmint, peppermint, and forest berries. We suppose it’s also nice that they come packaged in tins and not flimsy cardboard cases. Be sure you have some cellophane and ribbon on hand when you are putting it together. Oh, and that “Go The EXTRA Mile” pun is just gold.

10. Donuts


Donuts. What’s not to love about donuts? They are round. They have holes in them. They come in a variety of gobsmacking flavours. They make people happy. What’s not to love about donuts? Nothing, right? We reckoned so too. Reward your teacher with these irresistible sugary pastries this Teacher’s Day. Rest assured, the calories are justified for all the slogging throughout the school year. We donut know what we would do without donuts.

11. Jar of Cookies


Nothing quite says “I truly appreciate you” like a batch of freshly baked homemade cookies, does it? Throw in some chocolate chips to show extra undying appreciation. You can put your own spin on this one depending on your culinary prowess. Thinking of whipping up some fancy red velvet cookies? Sure, go ahead. But make sure you stick to cookies so that you can show your teacher what a smart cookie you really are. (haha!)

12. Nail Polish


This gift might or might not work depending on your teacher’s cosmetic preferences. Also, not to be stereotypical or anything, but we suppose this gift idea would better suit female teachers rather than male ones. If you happen to have observed her wardrobe and think that she hosts a penchant for certain shades, why not go with those when selecting the nail polish colours? Even if your choice doesn’t suit her, she will be sure to appreciate the thought wholeheartedly. Because teachers are toe-tally awesome like that.

13. Jar of Chill Pills


Teaching is a stressful job. Teachers therefore need to be reminded to take a chill pill every now and then. We mean it quite literally. When we say pills, we are of course referring to mini tablet sized chocolates. What works best for this gift idea? M&Ms, of course! They come in a few flavours, of which include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut and peanut butter. Being multi coloured, they are also aesthetically pleasing in a transparent mason jar (think Art Friend or IKEA). Skittles and Smarties also work well as chill pills.

14. Bottle of Wine


Wine. Ha. Ha. Ha. We bet you saw that coming. Like we said earlier, teaching is a stressful job and some days are tougher than the rest. The label on the bottle above speaks for itself – enough said.


The team at ChutneySG wishes all teachers out there a very Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for taking on the gruelling task of moulding the leaders of tomorrow!

Written by Uma Nathan

Full-time sub-editor. Part-time writer, copywriter, and editor all rolled into one. Photography, travel, food, reading and teaching take up whatever time remains.

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