Are you a Harry Potter fanboy or fangirl who loves a good quote? These ten quotes from Harry Potter and The Cursed Child will leave you spellbound.


Whether you loved or hated the script, there’s no denying that Potterheads all over the world would have scrambled to get their hands on a copy of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child when it finally hit bookstores. Fret not – I assure you that there are no spoilers ahead (however, it also strikes me now that a true blue Potterhead would have long devoured the much anticipated play).

Here are ten quotes from Harry Potter and The Cursed Child which even the non-Potterheads can ponder on.

If you answer the gossip, you feed the gossip.

Harry Potter, Act 1, Scene 4

We don’t choose who we’re related to. Amos isn’t just my patient, he’s my uncle, it’s part of the reason I took the job at Upper Flagley. But that’s made it difficult. It’s tough to live with people stuck in the past, isn’t it?

Delphi, Act 1, Scene 6

The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.

Harry Potter, Act 1, Scene 9

Trying is not succeeding, though, is it?

Aunt Petunia, Act 2, Scene 1

You ask me, of all people, how to protect a boy in terrible danger? We cannot protect the young from harm. Pain must and will come.

Dumbledore, Act 2, Scene 8


It took me a long time to discover your weakness, Albus Potter. I thought it was pride, I thought it was the need to impress your father, but then I realised your weakness was the same as your father’s – friendship.

Delphi, Act 3, Scene 19

The perils are plentiful, but the prizes are palpable.

Ludo Bagman, Act 3, Scene 20

Perfection is beyond the reach of humankind, beyond the reach of magic. In every shining moment of happiness is that drop of poison: the knowledge that pain will come again.

Dumbledore, Act 4, Scene 4

My point is – after this is over, just remember if you could – that sometimes people – but particularly children – just want someone to play Exploding Snap with.

Ginny Potter, Act 4, Scene 9

They were great men, with huge flaws, and you know what – those flaws almost made them greater.

Harry Potter, Act 4, Scene 15

Relished those? Now, go ahead and re-read the entire magical series, won’t you?

Written by Uma Nathan

Full-time sub-editor. Part-time writer, copywriter, and editor all rolled into one. Photography, travel, food, reading and teaching take up whatever time remains.

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