She majored in Chemistry at the National University of Singapore and later realised her passion for beautifying faces. Meet freelance professional makeup artist, Maheswari Nathan, who has just launched her makeup studio, beauty5PRO.


It’s not every day that you get to be part of a makeup team that’s given the prestigious but nerve-wrecking task of dolling up the stars at the South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA). But when such a rare opportunity knocks at your door, it would be wise to grab it. And that’s exactly what freelance makeup artist Maheswari Nathan did. The 29-year-old was one of several professional makeup artists who got to style movie stars from South India at SIIMA 2016 which took place right here in sunny Singapore earlier in June.

We caught up with Maheswari for details on that once-in-a-lifetime experience, makeup tips and more.

How many years has it been since you forayed into the freelance makeup industry in Singapore?

It has been seven years since I started my journey as a freelance makeup artist.

What was it that made you decide to pursue a freelance career as a makeup artist?

I wanted an avenue through which I could explore my creativity and thought I should try experimenting as a makeup artist. I completed a Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry during my university break back in 2008.  My passion for this profession was coincidental as I always pictured myself working in the field of education.

You majored in the field of Chemistry. Is there a link between Chemistry and makeup?

Definitely! My knowledge of Chemistry allowed me to understand the ingredients used to produce various cosmetic products. For instance, substances such as parabens and lead are widely used in lipsticks but many women are unaware that they are in fact allergic to them. Many also do not know how carcinogenic some ingredients are.


What is it about making up a woman’s (or man’s) face that appeals to you so much?

I love how their eyes light up as soon as they look at themselves in the mirror right after their makeovers. Makeup should be used to enhance already existing beauty and not as a mask to cover up one’s flaws.

What are some challenges you have encountered throughout the course of having been a freelance makeup artist?

The biggest challenge I face is the lack of skincare knowledge on the part of my clients. The relationship between skincare and makeup cannot be emphasised upon enough. Well hydrated and moisturised skin serves as the perfect canvas for makeup.

What’s the best part about being a freelance makeup artist?

I am my own boss and I get to meet women from all walks of life. I love it!


What’s the best feedback you have received from a client thus far?

The best feedback I got from was from a bride’s father. He came into the dressing room and thanked me personally for making his daughter so beautiful on her wedding day!

You were recently part of a team of makeup artists at SIIMA 2016. What was that experience like?

Working with Menaka’s beauty team was in fact an exhilarating experience because I really learnt a lot from the various experienced makeup artists. The celebrities on the other hand were quite challenging to work with because they were very particular about how they looked. They had to be conscious of the red carpet critics as soon as they stepped out. I really enjoyed working with Telugu actress, Pragya Jaiswal. I had the honourable opportunity of dressing the Best Debut Actress on all three days of the awards show.

Share with us an interesting incident that took place behind the scenes at SIIMA 2016.

The most interesting incident for me was to be  coincidentally  standing outside Anirudh Ravichander’s room at Pan Pacific Singapore as he was stepping out for lunch. I quickly managed to talk to him and squeeze in a selfie!

When it comes to makeup, what do you think is the number one mistake many Indian women make?

Many Indian women are crazy about contouring and think that it makes one’s face look slimmer. Unfortunately, that’s a myth. Contouring does help to enhance your features and make them appear sharper, but only minimally.

What’s your best makeup tip that you would like to offer our readers?

You are what you eat and it reflects greatly on your skin. Hydration is key and sufficient water intake will help you to combat minor issues with your skin.


The team at ChutneySG congratulates Maheswari Nathan on the launch of her makeup studio, beauty5PRO (featured image), and wishes her all the best in her future endeavours!

Written by Uma Nathan

Full-time sub-editor. Part-time writer, copywriter, and editor all rolled into one. Photography, travel, food, reading and teaching take up whatever time remains.

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